Goddess Of Truffles - Testimonials
Goddess of Truffles - Goddess Of Truffles

"I need another one, badly!" M.T.

 "... So many people don't have time to
dream... You're going to be a hit... dream...
You're going to be a hit... Emulates your beauty and strength and
total creativity. I wanted to lick the
screen to taste each truffle!" K.M.

 "... Oh great goddess... We will create
great myths and legends about you!!"  R.S.

"I NEED ur truflzzzz!!!" M.K.

 "... Your truffles led to a restful happy
nap for birthday girl thanks again!"  M.A.

"... It's simply not fair we're so far away. " Overnighting these, so worth it!" J.L.(Laie, Hawaii)

""I have been giving A LOT of 
Thanksgiving that Goddess of Truffles  is
in my life..."  R.S.

"let the divine confection process begin , O goddess of truffles!" S.Z.

"I had to sit back close my eyes and listen deep to the Feeling Good song... I
savored the flavors of your truffles. Your
 truffles are delicious and your website is
delightful!" delightful!" L.K.

"Flying in from Vegas in the morning, any
chance I can have your red velvet truffles ASAP?" J.B. 

Election Day 
is almost here 
choices of this person or that person
wanting to represent my interests 
taxes, roads, sidewalks, schools, 
parks and playgrounds not
interested in the vote 
with the taste of the truffle 
tasting the delicious dream
satisfied with heaven 
knowing the essence of the goddess's
creative love 
for sharing the muses 
of her passionate play
who gets elected makes little
difference to me
 as long as the winner representing my
of the world's most magical muse 
dressed as a truffle
experienced as the goddess of
exquisite fulfillment

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